Our Shepherd Is Good

The Lord is our Shepherd and our Shepherd is GOOD!

Psalms 28 tells us that “The Lord is our strength” and when we can learn to fully trust Him, He will shield us from every danger! We are His chosen ones and He will never let us fall. Wait a minute! The Bible says He will never let us fall? I don’t know about you, but it seems like I’ve fallen many times.

So what exactly does this mean? It makes me think of when my children were young and learning how to walk. Did I carry them out into the street in my neighborhood for their walking session, hoping one of my neighbors might see them and gaze in amazement? Absolutely NOT! This is not a safe environment for them to learn how to walk. As parents, it is our job to keep our young ones from danger. I think maybe this is what this verse might mean. God will never let us “Fall” into danger! The Lord is our Shepherd and our Shepherd is GOOD!

Did you know the Bible talks about a “shepherd of death.” Yes! Psalms 49:14 says: “A shepherd called “Death” herds them, leading them like mindless sheep straight to hell.” WHOA! This brings a whole new meaning to how important it is to listen for our Shepherd’s voice. John 10:2-3 tells us: “And the sheep recognize the voice of the true Shepherd, for he calls his own by name and leads them out, for they belong to him.” Just as we must know how to recognize our true Shepherds voice, we must also teach our young ones to recognize His voice too!

One of the amazing things about toddlers is that when they are learning to walk, if they fall down, they don’t just give up. They keep trying and trying until the next thing we know, they are walking. We too must learn how to get back up again. You may be a brand new Christian and you feel like you just keep falling down. Just stay close to Jesus, hold His hand, and He will help you get back up again. Maybe you’ve been a Christian your whole life, but you’ve hit a bumpy road. This means you must hold onto Jesus even tighter. During difficult times, we need to draw closer to our Heavenly Father, so the “Shepherd of Death” cannot get near us! Remember though, if you have “fallen away,” your gentle Shepherd won’t just walk away, He will chase after you, pick you up, and carry you back home to safety. Father God truly is a “GOOD’ Shepherd!


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