2023 Bible Study

Study Goals

1. Devour the Word

We will devour whole chapters of God’s word and soak up as much as possible. It will be as if we are reading a love letter and nothing else in the world matters.

2. Receive Revelation

  • Take one verse and slow down with it
  • Read it often throughout the day
  • Meditate and memorize
  • Ask the Lord, “What does this mean?”
  • Receive Holy Spirit’s Revelation

In receiving revelation we will take one bite of God’s word and read it many times during the day. Slow down with this one verse and meditate, even memorize. As we meditate we will watch and wait for Holy Spirit’s revelation to come into our hearts. As the Lord opens our eyes to the days events, and what those events mean, we will discover His never ending treasure of deeper and deeper revelation.

Write the verse on an index card and carry it around with you. Or display it on your phone’s lock screen or in a note taking app that displays the verse prominently. Your hunger for more of God will draw you to read it often. If you are struggling with this you can set up your phone with a timer and notification app. “Oh! That’s my Father calling me!”

Read it one more time right before falling asleep.

3. Prayer

  • Pray the word
  • Pray for each other
  • Pray in tongues

Reading Assignment 1

  1. Psalms Chapters 1 and 150
  2. Proverbs Chapter 1
  3. Romans Chapter 1

Reading Assignment 2

  1. Psalms Chapters 2 and 149
  2. Proverbs Chapter 2
  3. Romans Chapter 2


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